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New 2023 ZONTES ZT125-GK

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Technical Data

Complete Vehicle Power System Suspension System
Length (mm) 1975 Number of Cylinders Single Cylinder Frame System High Strength Steel
Width (mm) 870 Camshaft System Single Overhead Camshaft/ 4 Valve Type Structure Radial Tyre
Height (mm) 1112 Bore/ Stroke (mm) 58.0 x 56.7 Front Rim Size 3.0 x 17
Wheelbase (mm) 1365 Cooling System Water Cooling Rear Rim Size 3.5 x 17
Mass in Running Order (kg) 160 Fuel Petrol Front Tyre Size 110/ 70-17
Ground Clearance (mm) 225 Compression Ratio 12.5: 1 Rear Type Size 130/ 70-17
Fuel Tank Volume (L) 17 Displacement 124.7 Font Brake System Disc Brake
Seat Height From Ground (mm) 770 Maximum Power (kW/ rpm) 10.8/ 8500 Rear Brake System Disc Brake
Maximum Torque (Nm/ rpm) 13/ 7000 Lights/ Rear Lights/ Indicators LED
Fuel Supply System Injection ABS System Bosch Dual Channel
Injection System Bosch Approval Euro 5
Ignition System Electric
Transmission System Drive Chain/ 6 Speed
Clutch Multi-disc in Oil Bath


SRP £3,599.00 + OTR*

Finance Available:
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Call it a sportscafe, call it a modern street scrambler…we call it the little brother of the GK350 and this is one serious 125cc motorcycle. Boasting big bike looks, with style to spare, this model showcases the very best of Zontes production, delivering a bike perfect for the modern world.

*OTR charge of £150 includes number plate, DVLA 1st registration fee and first year’s road tax.
2 Year manufacturer warranty included

Gen 2.5 Keyless Control System

With advanced encryption technology, the Gen 2.5 Keyless Control System performs well in anti-theft protection. The induction key fob is both delicate and exquisite in design. The fobs activate and lock the system from a range of 1.5m, so can be kept in a pocket or backpack with no need to remove them, so avoiding the hassle of using a key to unlock the motorcycle. The system is both convenient to use and secure. The Gen 2.5 Keyless Control System is IP67 waterproof, and equipped with a built-in HF antenna, enhancing the sensitivity of the system. It also has a built-in chip sensor, enabling it to unlock the motorcycle even if its battery is removed or dead. This is only recommended for dead battery scenarios, not everyday operation.

Handlebar Functions

Push button control release the fuel tank cover, the seat lock and operate the steering lock. Buttons are distributed on the left and the right handlebars, laying out an ergonomically pleasing array of operations.

17 Litre Galvanised Tank

A large 17L fuel tank delivers outstanding range. Pressed from galvanised steel, tank rust is a thing of the past.

Digital LCD Screen Display Panel

A fast response intelligent digital display presents the rider with all the essential information in a clear, concise arrangement.

LED Lighting

Auto-level LED light source is used, with a natural and soft colour temperature. The aluminum alloy die-casting headlamp rear shell significantly improves heat dissipation efficiency, to achieve a brighter illumination field, smaller light decay and longer service life. Bright LED tail-light, stop light and indicators, ensure other road users see you and note your intentions, improving rider safety.

One-piece Forged Hand Guard

The one-piece-forged aluminum alloy hand guard is solid and strong to protect both rider and machine.

Updated Switchgear and Auxiliary Switches

New in design, the indicators now feature press to cancel functionality, LED switch backlight display and reliable performance. The newly designed internal structure of the auxiliary switches improves waterproofing to IP67 standards.

10AH Gel Battery

Large capacity and good low temperature performance; ideal for northern hemisphere countries.

Dual Fast Charging USB Ports

The USB point (fast charging version) provides two USB output ports that support QC3.0 fast charging protocol for riders. During fast charging, the output power of a single port can reach 18W. The shell is made of high temperature flame retardant material and features a built-in high-precision hardware current limiting chip, which can ensure that each port works within the safe current range, effectively preventing the occurrence of output overcurrent, input overvoltage, output short circuit, etc., greatly improving safety and protecting connected devices.


38mm USD forks with strong rigidity, significantly improve control over the motorcycle and ensure smooth riding on the road. The center-mount rear mono-shock absorber utilises a high-pressure nitrogen cylinder, oversized piston, and high specification internals, so as to respond quickly, effectively absorb vibration caused by small bumps in the road and provides stronger support on rough roads. It is set with a small amount of preload and large rear wheel stroke, improving riding comfort and avoiding fatigue during long rides. All terrain tyres give the bike great aesthetics whilst simultaneously delivering a sure-footed ride in all conditions.

Ergonomic Shaped Seat Cushion

Zontes’ unique automatic cushion production line uses unique anti-foaming sponge forming technology. The result is a soft sponge which fits tight with the cover, and a sponge that does not flake or deform. The one-piece seat cushion is comfortable for long rides, yet full of retro style.

Large Brakes Equipped With Dual Channel ABS

The dual-channel Bosch ABS brake system allows the rider to calmly control the motorcycle in any unexpected situation. The ABS system will add confidence, whether on a loose road surface or riding in cold wet conditions.

A large front disc brake of 300mm and a rear disc brake of 245mm provide powerful braking force, with a linear feel in both the hand and under the foot. Fitted with a cover to provide better protection for the brake disc, you are ready for all year round riding.

Lightweight Alloy Tubeless Rims

Lightweight rims with side pull spokes ensures good impact resistance and enables use of tubeless tyres. And they look stunning…

Aluminum Alloy Rear Swing Arm

Cast at the in-house foundry of Zontes Motorcycles and then processed through the very latest CNC machines, the aluminium alloy swing arm sets this motorcycle apart from the crowd. Through the combination of material and casting technology, the flexibility of aluminum alloy is close to that of steel tube. The material used is very difficult to break under both sheer and torsion loads. The characteristics of aluminum alloy, being lightweight and having good rigidity are brought into full play.

Cool Touch Silencer

The full stainless steel exhaust system terminates with an ingenious outer conical design, assured not to burn the rider or pillion, nor melt their latest designer riding attire.

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Imported from Germany, the TPMS is an accurate device reporting important information to the rider continuously via the main display. Warning alerts appear for low pressure, over inflation and rapid deflation, as well as loss of communication with the wheel sensors. The rider can constantly see the tyre pressure and temperature in both wheels and is alerted when the battery in either sensor runs low. Correct tyre pressures not only ensure safe operation, but also obtain maximum duration from the tyre life and optimum handling from the bike.

Large Radiator

The large forward-facing radiator ensures effective airflow to allow the bike to operate at high speed under high load without fear of temperatures soaring. Equipped with 140mm diameter self-suction radiator fan, it provides ample heat dissipation effect to respond to climbing temperature during low-speed riding.

Aluminium Alloy Cylinder

Cast and CNC machined in house, the all-aluminium cylinder operates without a liner, which facilitates larger waterways to channel heat away more efficiently. Improved heat dissipation enhances both performance and engine durability.

High Compression Ratio Water-Cooled Motor

Running a high compression ratio of 12.5:1, the engine delivers 10.8kW @9000rpm. This puts the engine output and bike performance just within the limits of L Plate use in the UK. Another important feature of a high compression engine is low fuel consumption, an increasingly relevant feature in today’s world.

To achieve this Zontes utilise the latest materials and technologies available to design a class beating engine.

Slipper Clutch

Often seen in larger capacity, high performance models, Zontes introduce a slipper clutch to their latest 125cc models. The movement feels lighter in the hand and if a gear change is mis-timed so as engine and road speed differ hugely, the slipper clutch softens the blow. Unintentional wheel lock ups are avoided, mechanical shock lessened, and rider comfort and safety enhanced.

Mileage 0ml
Engine 125
Year 2023
Color Black