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New 2023 Peugeot Speedfight 4


Speedfight 4 50cc

New Speedfight. With S for Style

Sporting in the pure state. With its body sculpted in the mass, it is awesome. It has a piercing, hypnotic gaze with helicoid headlights. Alternating taut lines and soft curves, the design is inspired by the marque’s concept car and has a sporting DNA dear to Peugeot. A mix of aggression and elegance, the French thoroughbred naturally takes its position in the premium sports universe. Refined in its details and top of the range finish, the combinations in new Speedfight’s bodywork are particularly impressive, with a finely calculated interplay of materials and colors achieving a perfect balance between the masses enhanced by the subtlety of the rear end and the more slender rear-view mirrors with their stems on lightweight supports.

New Speedfight. S for aSphalt

The athletic new Speedfight offers new sensations. This is evident from the ergonomic riding position, guaranteeing the driver’s comfort and pleasure. The central bridge with the fuel tank lowers the center of gravity and the architecture of the reinforced frame

combined with the 32 mm forks ensures improved rigidity for exceptional handling and roadholding. In terms of performance, the new Speedfight rests on the launch of two 50 cc engines. The first is a 2 stroke, with the option of either air or liquid cooling. In the air-cooled version, the new Dell’Orto carburetor significantly increases performance with torque improved by 10%, rising from 4.2 to 4.6 Nm. In the liquid-cooled version, its his power rises to 4 kW as compared to the 3.8 of the earlier model and 15% more torque, rising from 4.8 to 5.5 Nm. Performance-oriented, the new Speedfight never forgets safety, a priority of the Peugeot marque. It offers the best available on the market in this regard, with a Shuricane 215 mm maxi-disc equipped with a 4-piston radial caliper superpowerful in both the air-cooled and liquid-cooled versions. At the rear, the more economical air-cooled version comes equipped with an efficient 110 mm brake drum while the liquid-cooled version has a 190 mm disc.

To its sporting temperament the new Speedfight adds brand new equipment on a scooter in the sports segment. It has an ultra-complete digital dashboard, pre-equipped for smartphones, with USB and 12V sockets as standard equipment, enabling riders to stay connected. The wide range starts from the basic version styled on the coupe franche aesthetic principle that contrasts the black of the rear with the color in front. Initially used by the sports car division on the 208 GTI 30th, this radical and innovative style concept is available in 3 hues reworked around the primary colors: Fluo Apple Green, Flat 6 Red and
Bleu France. Le serie speciali

Three special series complete the range: Iceblade and Darkside, already well known and used for the previous model, and Pure, a new arrival that completes the offering.
| Iceblade

Incisive, this special all-white series leaves no room for doubt. With matching seat cover, the stainless steel footboard lining, red inserts in the air intakes, and the red machining contrasting with the black wheel rims, this version takes its sporting qualities to their ultimate level.
| Darkside

Intimidating, Darkside is the most aggressive but at the same time the most restrained of the special series with its matte “all black” livery. With its dark gaze highlighting the headlight cluster, a seat cover that evokes the racing circuits and the steel footboard lining, Darkside makes no secret of its intention
Speedfight 4 50 (Darkside/R-Cup/Total Sport) Equipment:

-USB and 12V sockets as standard equipment
-New engine with Dell’Orto carburetor
-New front shield with parabolic headlights
-Tank located under the footboard for a lower centre of gravity and easy refuelling
-Aviation-style fuel cap
-Pillion cover (optional)
-New rear view mirrors with lightweight arms
-New instrumentation with trip computer
-Shuricane disc brakes with four-piston radial calliper
-Underseat compartment big enough for onefull face helmet
-Ready to take a RAM® X-Grip® smartphone holder
-Even greater stability, greater driving safety
-New Pure Special Series, with gold trim
-Inverted sports silencer
-Hydraulic forks Ø 32 mm
-Shuricane front disc brake
-Underseat bay for full face helmet
-Black double-stitched two-seater saddle
-Double optical headlights 35 W
-Micro lamp Crystal turn indicators
-Retractable passenger footrest in aluminium
-Rear spoiler
-Onboard digital multifunction computer
-CO2 emissions (ECE47) 75.9 g/km





Mileage 0ml
Engine 50
Year 2023
Color Black